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Operating a vending machine how long back to this? Families,

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
As a new industry, the vending machine is fast development trend. With the coming of the new retail period, vending machines become small and medium-sized new project project investment of investors, many people saw the vending machine of entrepreneurial opportunities, racing to money into the field. In addition, many investors also can appear such doubts, salesman exactly how long run can money collecting, a key element here. Each manufacturer price is not the same, the price of the vending machine in the thousands of among thousands, profit cycle time also need to see your instruction in condition, good run up and down in January, probably worse is likely to be seven or eight months or even more than a year, large areas of the abortion, in a nutshell, instruction situation must check clearly. Click add image description ( Up to 60 words) Editor in general, auto sales profit time lies in the following elements: a, address selection. Actual operation the vending machine is also anchor point decision profit rate. Abortion is more. Such as the airport, subway station, public work or activity venue, etc. ; Can attract live visitors to the area. Beside the gate, such as department store near the smoking area, seat, etc. ; Must be unique. For example, go to the hospital B ultrasonic room around, doing B to exceed people often want to drink a lot of water; Several parts of the above mentioned is better. Customer segmentation, Establish customer requirements) Put after storing, must grasp this side of the customer, need what, what want to use, according to the different place of market sales of different products. Such as: sports venues, sports ground water market sales there is no doubt that higher than the requirements of other goods, selection of equipment, Choose the right equipment) Cleaner must not only cost-effective, it is best according to their own economic strength, operating within a time limit, operating elements such as natural environment, choose appropriate own goods. Cheap are likely to represent the quality is not high, believe that three days two head repair equipment like no one want to taste. In addition to the selection of machine can choose smartphone, pay treasure to pay is popular, very few people love to take a small change, background management, smartphones also apply to the wireless network remote access to query vending machine operation data information anytime and anywhere, instead of on the spot can also master the vending machines of various data information, convenient operation. Fourth, select a shipping address. Choose good pick point is very important, high quality and low price, the best point in a cargo can take the goods. Reduce consumption of purchase is in time and energy. Convenient way not far, you take goods, it is also important. Spacing distance, time consuming, and improve transportation, also is likely to cause equipment 'shut off the power. Click add image description ( Up to 60 words) Edit the 5. Dealer selection ( Dealer selection) Vending machine is a kind of commercial service machinery and equipment, towards the end user products immediately. Equipment is not common failures and there is no problem, however, therefore, choose good machine equipment dealers is top priority. Excellent dealer should have rich and colorful equipment maintenance management and operational management experience. Excellent service personnel should possess the service tenet of consumers above all, service of good quality and affordable. When the rising cost of daily life, to set up shops, interior decoration and so on traditional shops cost becomes bigger, you need to pay the rent, indoor decoration, human, all kinds of taxes and other costs, calculate down, in fact a profit is not a lot. In very large level, the application of the vending machine solved this problem. Can save various costs, not a lot of expenses, complete 24 hours round-the-clock operation, no national holidays, also need not pay all pay for it, just can supply power system. To promote all kinds of commodities, such as drinks, food, sex supplies and other products, considering the requirements of consumers. Click add image description ( Up to 60 words) Edit the About our 】 Technology is a vending machine business. With more than 200 square meters of vending machines manufacturing research and development base, after-sales service all over the country provinces, more than 600 cities above the county level in the country to establish a customer service center, sales and after-sales service response at any time, 24 hours door-to-door service for free if needed. 【 Products 】 Technology is vending factory direct sales, selling all kinds of unmanned vending machine, such as: drink snack vending machine, supplies department store food buffet self-help vending machine, fresh the vending machine, hotel mini unmanned vending machine, and so on vending machines, welcome to inquire! 【 Service 】 In order to ensure the quality and production efficiency, quality of science and technology machine across the streamline operations to ensure quality and reduce cost. All products import compressor and motor USES a line, ensure the decade: not bad. Aisle products, flexible, can sell all kinds of goods. Machine equipped with drop shipment inspection functions never card goods. Machine body adopts thickening steel plates, three layers of explosion-proof glass and the overall foaming process, realizes the refrigerator lock cold and energy conservation and environmental protection. Advanced background management system make you anytime and anywhere safe management operations. 【 Service commitments 】 We offered is more competitive in the country of the vending machine products, welcome customer comparison a lot! Dare to promise: buy kui double the difference! ! Welcome to inquire!
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