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On investment profits of vending machines do you want to know

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
We all know that in recent years, with no retail summon up more and more active vending machine start to appear in the streets and schools all sorts of places such as hospital station. For active vending machine how much profit has been let's compare attaches great importance to the problem, how active profit vending machine is also by a variety of elements of the resolution. And offline store is the same as a retail terminal, active place for vending machine for operation requirement is still relatively high, only need to place enough, take the initiative to vending machine profit how will show a good profit data. Good point has schools, factories, hospitals, railway stations, tourist attractions, etc. , these places or useful customer collective density is very high, or traffic was particularly big, said let's focus on the school premises. In school, traditional retail methods, such as supermarket, store, application for suspension is not satisfied with the needs of the students, they find it hard to do it 24 hours a day. And active vending machine can be unmanned can do it 24 hours a day all year round business continuously, not only convenient, also greatly reduces the human capital and store boss rent. Active vending machine into point is more sensitive, for example the building under the library hall, dormitory building, near the playground, there is demand but not appropriate to open a shop at the gate of the restaurant scene are put into a variety of appropriate active vending machine. Now active vending machine in addition to the cash can also custom student meal CARDS, WeChat pay treasure to pay phone sweep yards, brush face pay pay method, a method is convenient and novel, the students love to test new things. Primary, middle schools and colleges and universities on the basis of the characteristics of the students can choose the above methods are combined.
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