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NTT will launch the prepaid SIM card to the vending machine service of tourists

by:Haloo      2021-02-03
Group's information and communications technology ( ICT) Solution and the international telecommunication enterprise NTT in recently announced that the company will start in narita international airport to enable visitors to Japan oriented pre-paid SIM card to the vending machine. First installation in the prepaid SIM card vending machine narita international airport will provide foreign tourists and business people in Japan during land mobile data communications. The prepaid SIM card vending machine will be installed in one terminal and terminal 2 international entry and exit hall. The machine in addition to providing NTT Com short-term use pre-paid SIM card outside of Japan, will also provide smart phones, mobile router, accessories and so on. On the touch screen to guide the user's purchase process with English version and Chinese version. By credit card payment, need for cash, after purchase, users can through the touch screen machine or scanning machine login name, birthday, etc. , you can begin to surf the Internet. NTT Com in Tokyo odaiba ocean city ( “梦幻水台) Osaka kansai international airport near shopping malls and SIM card of automation and operation began. NTT Com pre-paid SIM card in the airport, also available at the airport, electronics stores and travel. Given the tourists visiting Japan in recent years the average number of 13 million person-time, expects passenger quantity will increase, NTT Com is expected to continue to increase the prepaid SIM card on the number of the vending machine, mainly at the airport, entity shop and some travel agencies. NTT Com will also gradually expand the scope of its optional services, so that we can provide support for foreign visitors experience of mobile communication.
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