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Northwest vending vendors would 2020 power of science and technology of poverty

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
2020 is the final year building itself into a well-off society in an all-round way, to overcome the outbreak, floods and locust plagues part, unswervingly adhere to the comprehensive poverty crucial task, focus on conquering the last bastion poverty, consolidate out of poverty is successful, and stable group of poverty, xian northwest influential technology vending vendors would use the new retail comprehensive help farmers out of poverty. Side is the insufficient agricultural and sideline products sales channels in the poor areas, one side is the urban population increasingly strong demand for green consumption of health products, how xi 'an science and technology in the production, circulation, consumption of each link to restrict pain points and difficulties of poverty alleviation drive in poor areas of agricultural and sideline products into the market? Xian intelligent technology companies in the interview, zhou always told us that farmers have a lot of raw fruit, grain, honey, Chinese prickly ash, chili and some other farmer products unsalable serious, he is very heartache, thought little of relying on their own power, to help farmers solve the problem of agricultural and sideline products unsalable, use the new retail vending machines, from farms directly to the consumer saves the intermediate links, in each city transit warehouse personnel to take charge for the community, government affairs hall and other places of self-service retail terminal replenishment. We visit a local farmers Zheng Bobo, he told us that their operating a vending machine, was too old to play with high-tech, oneself at home packing will be good agricultural and sideline products logistics to xian, his son every day replenishment and maintenance of the machine for the machines, and showed us his side income, let's see a mobile phone and told us that every peasant household every one vending machine turnover of around 3000 yuan, profit is around 30 - About 40% gross margin around 1050 a day, more than free to work and earn more than work, he is very satisfied. Before the vending machine are not so hot now, and you can see, in recent two years in a big city is a vending machine, and the vending machine is often in the morning when there was plenty of goods, the basic goods will be sold out in the evening, it is enough to prove the vending machine strong sales ability.
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