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No relative to the vending machine shop and there are many disadvantages

by:Haloo      2021-02-03
With the continuous development of intelligent technology now, no one convenience stores began to rise, to replace the human work, business services industries, but no one was born of the convenience store and before the vending machine, in comparison with the new retail model funded the vending machine is more lower. In 2017, China's many cities are large area laying no convenience store, actually nobody convenience stores due to the maturity of modern intelligent technology and new retail the demand of The Times, is the traditional convenience store development evolution of a kind of new sales model, is to use the latest technology to the traditional convenience store new transformation, directly to the traditional artificial sales link to into customer self-service purchase to complete all of the trading activity. In just the past 2017 years, because there is no convenience store development momentum is very large, capital has become the traditional retail environment to pursue goals. In fact, the main characteristics of the traditional convenience store is convenient, small and distribution of a wide range, for residents to provide more convenient way of consumption, compared with traditional entity shop business advantage. Check-out queues and there is no convenience store can save consumers, consumers buy goods more quickly, the process of the intelligent technology makes operators and consumers to provide a more accurate consumption data, can get more market information, reduce the waste of resources. But nobody now domestic convenience store or at the exploration stage, although in the technical innovation is to improve the efficiency of the offline trade, but also did not change in the nature of the business, no convenience store sent there is a restriction factor, the first is the restriction of space, now no one store or open only in specific areas, temporarily no way large areas of market expansion, the other is the cost of this aspect, the convenience stores and vending machine compared to the high cost a lot, another is unattended, the existing customers under the premise of good faith consciousness is insufficient, cannot avoid imagined goods from theft or damage. The limiting factors in the short term will not be completely solve, no convenience store instead of traditional retail model, too. But there is no convenience store, to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional retail industry, this is not negative. No convenience store in the future there is still a long road, still need to wait for the market and the test of time. The vending machine, by contrast, has been a steady development.
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