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No one drinks vending machine industry will become more competitive!

by:Haloo      2021-01-28
Despite the many new retail in form of updates, but the goods and traditional retail sales model is not very big difference, just more than traditional retail model involving the scene drinks vending machine layout, to generate some traffic, but the scene is still fragmented, have certain request for people! Retail industry has a big camp, the channel, it is also the same for new retail! Now a lot of new retail model is the original channels of technology and experience to upgrade! But the only with the help of the original scene to ascend, or in some alternative scenarios. So in terms of the current market situation, the new retail is just a start, there is not a big progress! There is promotion mode, the price of a lot of new retail project is using progress, to use the funds to big price war, financing and the price of traditional retail has been for decades, only because of new retail enterprises now have a lot of people investment money. So in terms of spend the, not to consider the revenue and profit, but mature traditional retail can't play with these. Hence the polarization caused by new retail return to normal at the end of the day, the real competition begins!
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