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No one don't have to shop coke vending machine also flow to refresh

by:Haloo      2020-11-15
In many countries, said although the same speech, but in different parts of the people speak different dialects - - For example, a northerner went to wenzhou meng force - directly - This situation is common in Europe. In Europe, Sweden is a long, narrow country, the dialect is a variety to 'change the local people just don't understand what you are saying'. Along with the Swedish summer ( 瑞典的夏天) - - For swedes, it is extremely important festival - - The arrival of the Coca-Cola company in the center of Stockholm Sweden Stureplan placed a special coke the vending machine: don't need to pay, just need to say what particular dialect as required. This the vending machine is called 'Dialekt. . . o- Maten ', consumers only need to come to the vending machine, press on a button, say a particular dialect according to the requirement, if the vending machine successfully the dialect, then it will automatically fall out of a bottle of coke. According to Coca-Cola, this machine can check the speaker's voice, tone, and then the discriminant. The effect of the marketing activity is quite good, according to data, more than 3. 2 million people in 2 days time to see the machine, also has more than 10 million clicks on social media. Considering the Sweden, a total of only 9. 9 million people, 2016 data) , the data is in the swedes' friends' refresh.
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