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No damage to the vending machine to avoid community a few Suggestions

by:Haloo      2021-01-24
Like no retail stores, vending machines, and some Shared economy within the scope of the product will be experienced malicious damage situation, the reasons are: consumers are not satisfied with the vending machine service aspect, their own rights and interests are harmed to vent temper; Quality problem, stealing the money; There is no one to supervision. For these problems, largely reflects the product itself has disadvantages, some consumers in the community the vending machine to buy goods, if the vending machine malfunction not shipment, consumer is furious by shaking, pounding trying to get the goods out in the form of the vending machine. What should these types of problems to solve? Here are a few Suggestions: 1, in the vending machine as complaining advisory telephone service: when the vending machine, the phenomenon of the card goods, consumers can contact businesses through dial the telephone, a refund after check. 2, infrared detection system + mobile payment port: this is artificial complaints way of automation, detection system is mainly responsible for check goods have a rapid, accurate delivery, if detection without goods is judged to card the phenomenon, and then the system can be directly to consumers through the mobile payment port a refund. 3, optimize the aisle: different commodities to select different, verify the aisle, like bottled drink appropriate aisle is accumulation of s-shaped aisle, all kinds of goods are suitable for the capacity of the small grid cabinet, etc. So it will be reduced, the card goods is the community of the vending machine work efficiency is also improved, so that consumers in the shopping process can also enjoy more good service, effectively reduce the customer of goods loss of equipment and the anxious psychology.
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