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No contact shopping inventory, infinite treasure box vending machine has been put into use for three years

by:Haloo      2020-11-20
Infinite treasure box as the industry's first Internet intelligent vending machine ( The non-contact shopping vending machine) Since its launch in 2017 has passed three years, while upgrading The Times. Before we introduce is 5 layers of material with low version of the box, today we are going to introduce in detail 6 layer feeding box with high version of the infinite treasure box intelligent automatic vending machine. The vending machine does not change the overall size, height 1910 mm, width 836 mm, 836 mm thickness; Adopting integrated foam box body, heat preservation is better overall structure intensity is higher; Using a new generation of whole netcom 4 g industrial control network more stable; PC background restructuring upgrade, new goods entry section more concise and easy to use; 6 layer feeding box is suitable for the commodity sells a variety of sizes. The layers of material by default configuration is as follows: 1, the first layer with 150 mm pitch of double spring feeding, a total of four channels, each channel can accommodate the size of the barrel surface three goods, a total of 12 large size of goods; 2, the second layer USES 45 mm pitch of spring material, a total of eight channels, each channel can accommodate the size of a cigarette goods 10, a total of 80 small commodities; 3, the third layer is 60 mm pitch of spring, a total of six channels, each channel can accommodate small raccoon flat surface, oreo qiao crisp volumes and bagged masks the goods size 7, a total of 42 box/bag; 4, the fourth floor by 75 mm pitch of spring material, a total of eight channels, each channel can hold boxes of milk, 200 - 450 ml bottles of milk products 6, a total of 48 commodity; 5, fifth floor by 80 mm pitch of spring material, a total of eight channels, each channel can hold about 500 ml bottle size five goods, a total of 40 commodity; 6, 6 layer with 75 mm pitch of spring materials and equipped with slide rail, a total of eight channels, each channel can accommodate short bottled drinks milk cartons, cans, 6, a total of 48 commodity; Accumulated more than 270, a total of 42 commodity basic covers common all kinds of snacks, drinks and some daily necessities. Selling goods of all types, more is not main advantages of this infinite treasure box vending machine, its outstanding advantage is out of contact choose goods shopping mode, the concrete operation is as follows, out his phone and scan the qr code above machine into the online store to buy goods, payment vending machine shipment, don't need to touch the machine above button or touch screen, in the current special period is a contact more than a less safe. Want to know this kind of non-contact shopping is easy to touch technology in three years ago, developed and pushed into the market, the non-contact way of shopping in the vending machine in the history of epoch-making significance. Infinite treasure box series, in addition to the Internet intelligent vending machine, also spawned many brush can support face payment models, mobile phone has no electricity, or don't have my mobile phone can also in the vending machine shopping, belong to the real by face shopping!
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