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New vending machine provides healthy snacks for students

by:Haloo      2021-03-07
Seventh grade student Bailey McCoy used the brand new healthy snack vending machine provided by Unatego on Wednesday. 'Reject carbonated drinks and junk foodTo this end, the school has provided a vending machine dedicated to selling healthy snacks to provide students at Unatego Central School with more choices. This healthy snack vending machine replaces the beverage vending machine on the school sports field, and is equipped with juice, soda, graham crackers, beef jerky, regular popcorn and other healthy snacks. 'A lot of kids get ready for physical exercise around 19:00 in the evening,' said Carrie Hewlett, president of NoTeo Fitness Club. 'Before exercising, they need to supplement some healthy foods that are beneficial to the body's absorption.' An assistant teacher of a school basketball team noticed that in previous sports, students were used to buying carbonated drinks such as Coke and Mirinda in front of beverage vending machines. “These carbonated drinks have a negative energy effect on the supplementation of children’s body functions. , But students lack purchase options,” said assistant professor Edie Jones. When deciding to install a healthy snack vending machine, the school wanted to reuse the existing equipment to transform it, but found it was outdated and unusable. For this healthy snack program, the Unadilla Community Foundation donated $2,500 to pay for new machine inventory and monthly fees for keeping credit cards accessible. The School Health Committee, with the help of Bassett liaison Tom Hohensee, received $4,500 through the state's health school and community program to purchase the most advanced healthy snack vending machine. So far, healthy snacks on vending machines have been favored by students. In addition, the credit card payment function on this vending machine is very popular among students, and it is the only machine that provides strict health choices in schools. The above information is shared by vending machines and reprinted, please mark the previous post: Unmanned vending machines will activate the retail industry to a new dimension
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