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New trends in the development of vending machines in the new retail era

by:Haloo      2021-08-16
With the rise of new retail, vending machines have gradually appeared in people's lives, and now they are everywhere. Vending machines were born in the 1960s and 1970s. They first originated in Europe and the United States, but later they flourished in Japan. Vending machines are very popular because of their small footprint and obvious rental cost advantages. With the steadily increasing rents in physical stores in recent years, 24-hour unmanned vending machines have developed rapidly in China, and haloo, as the largest vending machine leader in China, occupies an expensive market for vending machines. The vending machine    new retail craze is on the rise, from the convenient shelves specializing in white-collar snacks in office buildings to the delivery of fresh food in the last 100 meters of the community, coupled with the hype of capital, noisy and noisy, as soon as you sing it, I will appear on the stage. The problem of cargo damage can't be solved, and the problem of cost can't be lowered, and the magical horse is full of clouds. All commercial activities that are not for the purpose of making money are LM   physical stores, which are currently undergoing degeneration, and the situation is not clear. If you open a physical store, the decoration costs, rent, and labor will crush you every minute. Moreover, in case the position is not good, and if you want to change the place, the previous expenses are considered to be wasted. Jia*Fu withdrew from the Chinese market, RT-Mart and Yonghui Supermarket vowed to e-commerce platforms, and Wal-Mart shut down offline stores in China every day and vigorously developed online stores. This is a big defeat for physical stores. Under the background (ya) and (po) of the three mountains of high rent, high labor, and low passenger flow, all physical stores are lingering. If there is a way to surrender to the Internet business, it is considered a success; if there is no way, the door is closed, the workers ask for salary, and the supplier goes to (zhui) the door (zhai), leaving a piece of chicken feathers. At this stall, you still have to be a physical store. Isn’t it a silly brainstorm? Of course, you are a rich man and want to pick up some really useful assets at this time. It’s another matter.  Vending machines, find a few relatively good locations, plan the route, and watch 10-30 units by yourself. In case you don’t choose a good place, you can change the place when you pull it up. Generally speaking, if the points are selected better, the cost recovery in 3 to 6 months is no problem. Compared with the physical store, the rent, personnel, and operation and maintenance costs at the beginning of the store are greatly reduced. Moreover, even if it is a vending machine where you will come, a good spot is not reproducible. This position (you can make your own brain for university dormitories, hospitals, gymnasiums, shopping malls, etc., the more imagination the better!) You put it, others put it again I’m out of position, don’t you rush to take it first? I’m not going to move quickly and save a lot of effort?    And with the support of the payment port, now first-tier, second-tier, third-tier cities and even fourth-tier and fifth-tier small counties are I started shopping with Alipay or WeChat online payment, basically I don’t need to bring cash when I go out. Therefore, in the new retail era, the development trend of smart vending machines is getting better and better. Compared with the previous article that some people look down on the vending machine industry, the editor will be more optimistic about this industry.
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