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New product vending machine recommendation, breaking through historical price lows

by:Haloo      2021-04-19
'What is the price of your beverage vending machine?' 'What is the price of this adult machine?' ... I receive many customers who inquire about the price of smart technology products every day. Vending machine operation is not concerned with the commodity supply chain, and cost accounting is also an important link. Relatively many comparisons have become the habit of many customers. Among them, low-cost, cost-effective products have become the first choice. In addition to the most basic price, after-sales service and product quality must be strictly controlled. Due to the cost of vending machines, most of the product prices on the market are above 10,000 yuan, and the gap between industries is small, and quotations are given according to the specific functions required. Regarding cost issues, Guangdong launched an economical version to save your operating costs. In terms of function, there is no difference from the same type of products on the market. First of all, in terms of the material of the fuselage, the material adopts all-steel structure, which is resistant to wear and durable; the cargo lane adopts the common spiral rotating cargo lane on the market, which is controlled with high precision to ensure normal shipment of goods; intelligent temperature control and energy-saving compressors Standard configuration, support online shipping system. Compared with the general unmanned vending machine that lies in the payment system, compared with the general small-size touch screen or large-screen machine, the economical vending machine launched by Guangdong has made certain optimizations in the purchase window, which brings about a reduction in cost. , The price of concessions. The two-dimensional code online payment method is easy and convenient, and the two-dimensional code can be customized inside the display window to prevent abrasion or malicious damage. For specific details, please contact the customer service hotline 400-6977-882! ! Tel: 400-6977-882 Source of the article: Guangdong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Search hot words: automatic fruit vending machine; hotel supplies vending machine; vending machine manufacturer; vending machine brand; vending machine business model Official website:
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