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New gameplay - retail - Big brands through the vending machine equipment through traffic bottlenecks

by:Haloo      2021-01-31
Believe that focus on new retail friends will notice, both in traditional and emerging Internet brands are offline store layout and no convenience store new retail model, why is this so? Take online three snacks giant squirrel, why offline store, also through the vending machine equipment to sell snacks, investigate its reason, only have the following two factors. Future consumers no longer only pay attention to the purchase of goods, but pay more attention to the consumer experience, the entity shop to meet the needs of consumers in the mental and physical, and there is no way to meet electricity. Believe this is the consensus of many people. Now many enterprises is also aware of this on the one hand, started in offline trial entity shop or there is no retail mode. As traditional retail wang ji began to store to buy their products; Three squirrel began to offline, to open stores. Many online brands choose vending machine equipment to offline layout, is want to line down to enhance brand image, enhance the consumer experience, in the form of offline experiences to attract more consumers of the younger generation. Another important factor is: cost problem. Electrical business operating costs more than the situation of physical stores began in a few years ago, flow to the bottleneck, profit growth has slowed, the market close to saturation. Although electricity without the pressure such as rent, but the operating costs, including advertising, activities, customer service and so on. Now want to open a shop is more than the cost of store rent, the cost of traffic is becoming more and more high. Traffic is offline mining business competition ability of a kind of indispensable. Over the years, li ning, the sea rings traditional brands such as the home has also begun transformation and expansion. In addition, the designer brands and some new popular logo began to attract the attention of consumers, and occupy more market share, many emerging founded brand into the city's main shopping center, but also pays attention to and the linkage of the shopping center. Many entity retail merchants began to choose the vending machine equipment to carry on the transformation and upgrading, not just in order to satisfy the consumer experience, more important is to grab the online access to traffic, you know, the moment is very many people not used to online shopping, or don't understand of online shopping is not a few, which some people tend to be more exuberant demand a group of people. Multi-channel mining flow is the consensus of the big brands, believe the vending machine offline carrier flow must be able to play its role.
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