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'New environmental protection ambassador' - - Reverse vending machines, recycling discarded bottles

by:Haloo      2021-02-05
The vending machine in the present, everyone will not feel strange. Various places such as shopping malls, airports, metro, there will be a vending machine. Shopping is also very simple, put a coin in the vending machine will be 'out' you want to buy goods. However, reverse vending machine as the recent emergence of a new equipment, perhaps many people will feel very strange. Reverse vending machines, as the name implies, it and common sense of the vending machine is on the contrary, are usually used for recycling waste beverage bottle, etc. Its working principle is just the reverse of the vending machine: what do you call a cans or other types of empty bottles throw into, in return, it will give you points or directly give you 'out' corresponding COINS. Reverse vending machine design concept is to encourage the public to protect the environment, promote recycling economy thought. America, for example, 'dream machine, Thailand' P - Pet and recently launched the British wimbledon tennis championships' demonstration space of sustainable development, the project of Tomra installed a used for plastic bottle recycling reverse vending machines ( RVM) 。 The reverse vending machine use method is very simple, the user as long as the scans the bar code on the empty cans or bottles, and then put them into the machine, can change integral or get corresponding COINS. In the reverse vending machine as a kind of environmental protection consciousness awakening device, is extended to more areas and situations, it is a good posture, also means that the vending machine industry's huge development space and more possibility.
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