Medicine Vending Machine-Vending Machine

by:Haloo      2021-03-23
Medicine vending machine Integrated double cabinet, the price required for a single machine, compatible with high cost performance and professional functions. Based on the armored bomb patented technology, the strong cargo lane fashion boutique design, the local absorption rate reaches the extreme; it can support the combination of multi-style cargo lane product portfolio, and broaden the product category. All-round local volume upgrades. The overall mechanical sku number of the medicine vending machine can reach 30, and the number of product placements can reach 600. The overall mechanical capacity is 30% more than that of an unmanned supermarket of the same size, which greatly improves operational efficiency and business; comprehensive product furnishings The window is unobstructed, and the products are omnipresent, inspiring the concept of unlimited purchasing. Separate storage and furnishings The gold is matched with a drug vending machine for food and cold drinks. The 50% cold drink and 50% food products are distributed with golden probability, which not only fully meets the consumer demand of customers, but also brings new revenue opportunities to cold drink unmanned supermarket operators. Shopping cart experience The quality of life The newly upgraded medicine vending machine can purchase different products at one time, support double cabinets and shipments, the whole process of communication scan code purchase, transaction, short-range control, control at will, mobile phone experience in the market empowers others, to others , Goods and scenes are connected with wisdom, and the quality of life experience is upgraded in all aspects. The current keywords are: Sheet metal production workshop 6 Intelligent addressing machine Vending machine Previous post: Vending machine accessories-vending machine
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