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Medical vending machine vending machine maintenance skills must-see

by:Haloo      2021-03-10
Medical vending machines For vending machines, most people can operate and run them, but they don't necessarily know how to maintain them. In order to increase the service life of vending machines, in addition to daily operations and operations, it is also necessary to understand how to maintain them. Keeping the exterior of the vending machine clean can increase the sales volume and service life of the vending machine. When the outside of the machine is covered with dust, wipe it with a dry cloth. If it cannot be wiped off, use warm water or diluted neutral water to clean it, and then clean the machine with a cloth moistened with the diluted solution. Note: Even if the dirt is difficult to remove, do not wipe the machine with solvents or alkaline liquids, otherwise the panel and selection buttons may break. Do not use chemicals such as paint solvents, banana water, etc., otherwise accidents may occur. The pick-up port of the vending machine is the easiest to collect dust because the pick-up port of the vending machine is relatively low. In order to prevent dust from entering the machine and increase sales, it is necessary to keep the pick-up port clean at all times, which also gives consumers a clean and tidy impression, so that they can buy again. The merchandise delivery chute of the vending machine is kept clean to make the merchandise delivery chute more unobstructed. Therefore, wipe the dust or surface of the merchandise delivery chute with cotton cloth or towel at least once a month Smudge. The parts in the machinery and equipment of medical vending machines, such as condensers and evaporators, should also be cleaned properly at least once a month. When cleaning the condenser, use a vacuum cleaner or a brush to gently clean the garbage or dirt attached to the upper and lower sides of the condenser radiator. If there is dirt in the evaporator, remove and clean it with water. Remind everyone again: Keeping the machine clean and tidy can increase the service life of the machine, allow consumers to buy it again, and increase new consumption. A good store likes the taste of clothes. Clean and beautiful can win the favor of customers! Prev: Medical vending machine! Features of the new generation of vending machines Next: Guangdong lattice machine manufacturer! Where the vending machine should be placed!
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