Medical vending machine! Features of the new generation of vending machines

by:Haloo      2021-03-10
Medical vending machine! Multimedia display function: using LED display, multimedia display technology, fresh vending machine system and PC system docking, so that the use of touch screen allows consumers to click on the product on the screen without using digital buttons, which is convenient and quick. Self-service payment service: Embed the ATM system into the smart vending machine, use the vending machine as a mobile and financial terminal device to realize the data download function of the self-service payment service smart vending machine: apply USB technology, use a U disk or other mobile storage device, just Can easily download the operation information of the vending machine, and then use the PC to process the downloaded data, so that it is convenient for the operator to understand the sales situation of the smart vending machine, and can find the problem of the vending machine in time, and then proceed according to the corresponding situation The solution of the problem. Wireless network operation and management function: upload various data of the operation of the smart vending machine, including system status, system failure, material channel failure, out-of-stock situation, and sales data to the system through the network connected to the smart vending machine, so that smart sales Operators of cargo planes can view the corresponding information on the Internet to realize large-scale operation and networked management of smart vending machines. Vending machine (4 photos) Mobile shopping function: The vending machine system is connected with the mobile POS module system to realize the read and write operation of the 2.4GHZ RFSIM card launched by China Mobile, so that consumers can make mobile payment consumption. Medical vending machine! Multiple payment methods for purchases: In the current mobile payment environment, ATMs must have a variety of convenient and effective payment functions, such as WeChat, Alipay or other credit card fees. Different types of currency recognition functions: banknotes and coin recognition tools can be micro-letter scanning, Alipay code, Alipay face swiping, UnionPay, etc. Prev: Medical vending machine! How high is the profit of the unmanned vending machine Next: Medical care vending machine vending machine maintenance skills must-see
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