Market position and advantages of self-service vending machine equipment

by:Haloo      2021-04-21
For lottery players, the self-service equipment can provide a more friendly interactive interface, and lottery players can purchase the sales of self-selected numbers or machine-selected numbers at will, without the intervention of others. For sales operators, labor costs have been greatly reduced, and the process of industry electronics has been accelerated. 1. It can complement the manual color sales mode, and the whole scene can cover a variety of self-service color shopping terminals that adapt to different scenes and spaces. No matter the size of the venue, no additional space transformation is required, and the equipment is easy to implant at low cost! Self-service vending machines can be deployed in places where high-end crowds are relatively concentrated and traffic is large, such as office buildings, subway stations, supermarkets, shopping malls, Internet cafes, telecom business halls, etc. It is more convenient, faster and more efficient than traditional fixed-point manual sales. . 2. Effectively improve the security of funds. The self-service vending machine reduces the risk of lottery players holding large amounts of cash to buy and sell. More importantly, compared with manual sites, the system can recover sales and sales funds in a timely manner, reduce the complexity of fund management, and avoid the risk of credit sales for owners. 4. With the added value of advertising, it can be attached to the display screen and light box of the self-service vending machine to realize the public's awareness of its advertising in a subtle way, and increase the brand influence invisibly.
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