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Management and maintenance of sex toy vending machines

by:Haloo      2021-02-22
Sex toy vending machine management and maintenance of sex toy vending machine use fixed number of year, not only depends on the quality of machine, have great relations with the operator's daily management and maintenance. What are the daily management and maintenance of the vending machine is made of? 1 COINS, cash collection and storage. The vending machine for notes and COINS, coin change. So operators need to supplement the recycling cash, by the way, when goods store COINS so that customer change. Can make operations continue already so, also can reduce theft and loss while the probability of this happening is very low. Boat wing vending machine equipped with 24-hour surveillance cameras, theft from happening. 2, check regularly, such as leakage protection switch, etc. If found the problem but not solve, please contact the vending factory house. 3, regularly cleaned, casing, screen, paper money machine, etc. The vending machine dust, seriously affect beautiful. Clean up it is recommended to use neutral water, containing solvents or strong alkaline cleaning liquid cannot be used. When customers shopping sometimes leave some rubbish, such as paper towels, operators should also be regularly cleaned, lest affect shopping. A: multi-function self-service vending machine
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