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Manage the vending machine should pay attention to what problem

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
Vending machines don't need to advanced technology, the vending machine has its own way. Generally speaking, when a vending machine business, should pay attention to the following: choose location, operating the vending machine is also the key to determine the success or failure. Looking for the following to find a good point: flow is very large. Such as the airport, station, public office or activity places; Can attract people to stay. Such as the door of the supermarket, near the smoking room, seat, etc. With special needs. As long as they don't sell the same product, the other side is usually a good machine. Buy ready-made integral from others is a good method to obtain the fastest integral, but cost a lot to buy a good spot, and natural high risk. Customer classification ( Defines precisely guest requirements) Machines placed fixed point, then you must ask yourself guest, what can I do for you? Want to buy something? Don't need fruit juice on the playground, a small amount of food. Halls billiards room and other places where young pop-up window to buy new popular beverages? Sports venues, sports venues sell water, than selling rice, please? In the office building of more concentrated, you can sell girls like dairy products and all kinds of snacks. Select the machine ( Choose the right machine) Choose the machine must not be cheap, according to their own economic strength, operating period and operating environment to choose suitable for your product. Bargaining may mean poor quality, I believe that no one wants to enjoy the flavor of the machine in three days.
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