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Looking at the prospect of the retail field from the perspective of smart containers

by:Haloo      2023-09-13
The term new retail is gradually being mentioned, and the capital market is also holding high the banner of new retail, and around the slogan of changing traditional retail, new retail businesses have begun to be laid out. From the initial unmanned shelves to today's smart containers, it is not difficult to see that unmanned shelf companies have transformed into smart containers and are ready to start. Next, I will take you to analyze the prospects of smart containers? Compared with unattended shelves, the technical threshold of smart containers is higher, and the closed doors effectively reduce the damage rate of goods. The operation is simple, the smart container products are more abundant, and the automatic settlement of scanning the code to open the door-take the goods-closing the door is more advanced. It is the general trend that smart containers replace unmanned shelves. At least at the current stage of artificial intelligence technology application, it is the best choice for scenario-based unmanned retail. It can also be said to be the transformation and upgrading of unmanned shelves in the new retail era. The most attractive point of unmanned retail is that the three core elements of retail“The relationship between people, goods, and the market has been clearly sorted out. The operators understand this logic and understand that while selling goods, they must create a high-quality consumption experience for consumption in order to win in the future. Due to the limitation of time and space, offline traditional retail stores have a blank area of ​​operation from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. In modern cities, many consumers who work overtime or late work still have great demand In terms of space, due to the fixed store location, the covered consumption area is limited and cannot be adjusted at will, and it is impossible for consumers to solve timely consumption needs within reach. This is undoubtedly a problem.“The traditional business model of goods and others.
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