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by:Haloo      2021-02-16
Lipstick vending machine a body double ark, the price of the single machine needs, both high cost performance and professional quality. Take a play technology, strong aisle new design, meet the perfect space utilization; Material can support the aisle configuration combination, widen product category. Whole perspective space volume upgrade lipstick vending machine overall mechanical sku number will have 70, goods can have 800 layout for the highest, the overall mechanical capacity than the same size no more than 60% of supermarket, greatly increase operation efficiency and sales; Full view goods out all Windows, take in everything in a glance, too many things to see goods, stimulating infinite order habits. Points out on the table storage ratio of gold lipstick vending machines diet and ice tea table storage, ice tea and 50% 50% food commodities gold share structure, not only a moderate amount of visitors need to find things, at the same time as the ice black tea no supermarket operators bring new profit opportunities. Shopping cart new upgrade lipstick vending machine power consumption level different products can be ordered at a time, even the double tank ship at the same time, purchase, sales, communication and yards all day AD control, convenient control, mobile phone online shop can assign, make advanced connection, or the circumstances of the goods, consumption level comprehensive upgrade. Current keywords for: the vending machine manufacturers micro overbooked container: self-help vending vendors would last entry - vending machine design Vending machine
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