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Lipstick vending machine sales of how to improve!

by:Haloo      2021-02-03
First to do some favourable activity, the holiday is a good chance the business to make money, for the vending machine is the same, the necessary preferential activities is indispensable! And businesses around the pool, because a lot of vending machines in lipstick consumption are some of the young women or young women's boyfriend, choose several popular women's clothing store is associated. Consumer to play the lipstick machine after not winning, they give an equal value of women's clothing store coupons or cash deduction. For consumers not to eat so what kui, and for women's clothing store, although profit decreased, but the sales volume increased, the heat increased. In addition, the pool is mutual, in women's clothing store can also be imported into the lipstick on the consumer, such as consumption after giving the lipstick machine discount voucher, it doesn't matter even if consumers not to lipstick machine consumption, coupons can also play the role of advertising! In setting the ultimate game of boss. There is the ultimate boss in the game, it can make players feel without conquering boss unwilling, next time will come the lipstick machine to play! Replacement gift pattern. This model increases the viscosity of freshness and increase of players. Lipstick is called the lipstick machine, mainly because of gifts is the lipstick is put inside the equipment, but operators thinking not so limited. Lipstick vending machine as the market is, the more quantity, the more to the player's freshness will fall. So you need to put some other popular goods is also important to increase the freshness, can choose the perfume, facial mask, skin care products and so on!
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