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Like a vending machine at the core of the new retail is to flow

by:Haloo      2021-01-24
Traffic cost to improve the market now, this also is the fundamental cause of new retail. The nature of retail is actually two ports, one end is to satisfy consumers' demand constantly change; Another is the efficiency of the supply chain. The ultimate goal of the two ports are in order to attract more traffic, after get enough traffic, you can adjust the supply chain, the cost of compression, gain more profits. For the vending machine or other types of new retail industry, want to get the real traffic, or most in need of breakthrough to the distinction between the commodity type, separate the consumption category of high frequency and low frequency, high frequency as the core, focus on optimization of this part of the content, because the core of the retail is competition for flow, high frequency of consumption category is the value of the new retail platform, low frequency is that there is no way to make new retail. In today's new retail industry, high frequency category of goods flow is higher, and then combined with new retail formats fusion, flow to have the stacking effect; And low consumption category of the flow rate is too low, there is no way to increase the traffic. So now a lot of investors are fresh product investments, offline supermarket for fresh products is more and more attention, the main reason is that this type of goods can attract more consumers, maintain the stability of flow rate. There are a lot of people may worry about simple flow of attention will ignore the consumer shopping experience, it itself is the flow of the experience of the vending machine when the basic consumer shopping experience is satisfied, began to consider the shopping experience, and retail is to obtain the flow, time for consumers.
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