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Launched a variety of blind box vending machines to meet the IP market

by:Haloo      2021-03-05
In recent years, as young consumers have gradually stepped onto the stage of the consumer market, the new consumption concepts they brought have also produced some new species. In the boutiques that can be seen everywhere in the streets, many of the surrounding areas with IP traffic will have similar IP derivatives such as the King's Glory figures, Ari mini dolls, Wuhuang's Bazaar black dolls, and Bubble Mart dolls. On this basis, the IP+ blind box method is more popular with young consumers. Next to blind box machines in subway stations, shopping malls and other places, more and more young people are parked here on Taobao, which is novel and fun. The characteristics of mystery, collection value, and blind box + IP are attracting the attention of young people. However, it needs to be acknowledged that China's IP derivatives market has not yet ushered in a real release. Over the past few decades, many classic novels, animations, movies, games and other content have been born in China, and the IP derivative market has begun to take shape. The reason for the delay in releasing the commercial potential is that on the one hand, the domestic IP derivative industry started late and the upstream and downstream chains are not yet mature; on the other hand, the penetration rate at the retail end may be restricted, resulting in a lack of matching products. Consumption scene density; Blind box, as an innovative product in the new retail era, is deeply integrating IP derivatives with retail. New players such as POP MART have been born in China, and the blind boxes for consuming IP derivatives through second-hand e-commerce platforms and overseas purchasing agents have also become a fad. In order to meet the needs of a large number of enterprises in the IP market, a number of blind box vending machines have been developed. I believe you will encounter many such machines in general large shopping malls and amusement parks. Now I will introduce you to these machines:
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