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Laid-off workers operate beverage vending machines and turn themselves over to be the masters

by:Haloo      2022-01-29
Mr. Li used to work in a traditional trading company. Due to poor management of the company, Mr. Qiu became a glorious re-employer. When he went back to work, he could not find a suitable job. With the help of the city’s opening guidance center, Qiu Mr. Qiu saw the smart beverage vending machine; in the re-employment seminar of the laid-off staff at the opening guidance center, Mr. Qiu learned that the start-up capital of the beverage vending machine is small, the fund recovery period is short, and the most important thing is that it is different from the traditional store opening. Strong experience in the industry; due to limited funds in his hands, Mr. Qiu hesitated to quote each vending machine worth nearly 10,000 yuan, but with the help of the city opening center, Mr. Qiu got a 30,000 yuan opening For the loan, he chose 3 vending machines for beverages; in order to fully attract the student group, Mr. Qiu lowered the most expensive prices during the opening period, and through the payment software settings, recharged 50 yuan to enjoy 10% off, which was welcomed by the students , And attracting more and more student users; in the peak season of May and June, the daily turnover can reach 600 or 700 yuan, and the monthly profit can reach more than 4,000. This 'non-stop money machine' , Finally brought Mr. Qiu stable financial resources, and what Mr. Qiu needs to do is just to replenish the goods every day; with the advent of the hot weather, the business is getting better and better. Mr. Qiu is thinking that every machine will automatically Vending machines can earn 3 to 4 thousand yuan a month. If you put 5 or 10 units, or put a new vegetable vending machine from a manufacturer in the community, this income will definitely get higher and higher, and I can fully cope with it. In the process of replenishment; due to the students’ summer vacation, the sales of the machines have dropped and are severe. Mr. Qiu is actively raising funds and is preparing to open 5 more places with the help of the opening guidance center. With half a year of experience, he believes that his next investment will definitely bring more benefits.
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