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Laid-off workers operate beverage vending machines and become owners

by:Haloo      2023-05-29
Mr. Li used to work in a traditional trading company. Due to the poor management of the company, Mr. Qiu also became a glorious re-employed person. After returning to work, he couldn't find a suitable job all at once. Mr. Qiu saw the Haloo smart beverage vending machine; in the reemployment symposium for laid-off workers in the opening guidance center, Mr. Qiu learned that the start-up capital of the beverage vending machine is small, the capital recovery period is short, and most importantly, it is different from the traditional store opening. Strong experience in the industry is required. Due to the limited funds in Mr. Qiu's hands, he was a little hesitant to quote nearly 10,000 yuan for each vending machine, but with the help of the city's opening center, Mr. Qiu got a 30,000 yuan opening loan, and he chose 3 beverage vending machines. Vending machines; in order to fully attract the student population, Mr. Qiu lowered the most expensive price during the opening period, and through the payment software settings, recharge 50 yuan to enjoy 10% off, which was welcomed by students and attracted more and more customers. Student users; in the peak season of May and June, the daily turnover can reach 600 or 700 yuan, and the monthly profit can reach more than 4000 yuan.‘A never-ending money-making machine’, finally brought a stable source of income to Mr. Qiu, and what Mr. Qiu needs to do is to replenish the goods every day; with the advent of high temperature weather, the business is getting better and better, Mr. Qiu is thinking, every automatic Vending machines can earn 3,000 to 4,000 yuan per month. If you put 5 or 10 sets, or put a manufacturer’s new product vegetable vending machine in the community, the income will definitely increase, and I can fully handle it Under the process of replenishment; due to the summer vacation of the students, the sales of the machine have dropped sharply. Mr. Qiu is actively raising funds, and is planning to open 5 more places with the help of the opening guidance center. With half a year of experience, he believes that his next investment will definitely bring more benefits.
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