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Know the main function of the vending machine and development prospects

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
The vending machine is different from the traditional pattern of commercial retail, vending machine by time, place, human, and many other constraints. They can run 24 hours/day, there is no guard. Compared with the traditional commercial retail, save manpower, quick and convenient in shopping has incomparable advantages. They don't rest 24 hours/day. The super market. Vending machine, with its characteristics of fast and convenient, 24-hour operation, has got the favorable comment of the Chinese people and accept. In some coastal developed cities in China, the vending machine to get the promotion and popularization. Airport and station of the vending machine has appeared at the dock, schools, office buildings, etc. More and more people begin to use the vending machine to purchase goods and consumption. At present, unmanned machines besides has the main functions of the retail products, also can be used as the station automatic machines and the bank's cash machine. At the same time, the vending machine as a low-cost advertising carrier is put into use. In our country, the vending machine industry has huge development prospects. Sales staff of the vending machine intelligence is mainly manifested in three aspects: the intelligent control of goods directly as per transaction data for subsequent analysis of the buying and selling. Monitoring and the safeguard of the vending machine network, namely the early warning monitoring system of mechanical fault and the shortage of information, greatly improved the vending machine operation support capability of the enterprise. Intelligent screen is actually a popular practice of the concept of software defined hardware. Display advertising and other extensions can be realized in the vending machine on the screen.
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