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by:Haloo      2023-03-22
Establish your own unique brand and invite other merchants to settle in. Different forms are becoming the mainstream of the vending machine industry. Mr. Sun has joined Haloo for 3 years. Compared with joining other brands, choosing Haloo to purchase equipment, establish his own unique brand, and operate his own community is more competitive. Choose to get equipment from Haloo, and Haloo staff will provide training on equipment operation, community operation, guidance, etc. After an initial trial run, Mr. Sun's vending machines quickly achieved profitability and attracted the attention of many local people. He gathered these people together, adopted the model, and provided them with corresponding guidance through Haloo , completed the rapid expansion of the market, expanded from the original 2 or 3 communities to 18 communities in the county, and formed a brand alliance founded by Mr. Sun himself. The individual strength is small, but after cooperation, they can Huge energy burst out. After the establishment of the alliance, it has more advantages in terms of supply price, supplier selection, and government support, and the profit margin is greater. Compared with joining other people's brands, establishing a free brand undoubtedly has more advantages, especially in today's era, the weight of the word brand itself is a strong economic value. Haloo has been engaged in vending machine services for a long time, and has created a good reputation and reputation in the industry. Our goal is to help customers establish their own brands. Nowadays, many operators choose this cooperation mode. And achieved a good development trend in the local area. The 21st century is an intelligent society. Fruit and vegetable vending machines directly enter the community for internal services, which will surely become the development trend of the fresh food industry in the future. The demand for easy shopping in the information age is gradually occupying the mainstream, and the traditional fresh food industry is bound to undergo major changes. , The vending machine enters the community service mode, and it will be popularized in a wider space.
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