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It’s important to understand this feature in custom vending machines in the food industry

by:Haloo      2021-03-05
Customized vending machines continue to change many industries, especially in some sub-industries. Because traditional vending machines cannot meet the demand, it is necessary to find vending machine manufacturers to customize. And different sub-industries, products that cannot be sold, and the customization requirements for vending machines will also be very different. As a vending machine manufacturer, IOT will share with you today that the food industry needs a very important refrigeration function. Attention issues.  The refrigeration function that must be paid attention to when customizing vending machines in the food industry  People take food as the most important thing, especially in some special diets. It will be a very good business to use vending machines to realize automatic sales. For example, many special snacks, hot pot ingredients and so on. The question is, what do we need to care about most when customizing a food vending machine? That is the refrigeration function of the vending machine.  You must first understand what freezing and refrigeration are.  The purpose of refrigeration is to prevent food from being damaged by freezing, and is a technology that can keep food fresh. Our refrigerators all have a refrigeration function. The refrigeration temperature is between 2-10 degrees. Refrigeration is a common method of food preservation, which can greatly reduce food spoilage and damage, achieve the purpose of preservation, and extend the consumption time of food.  Freezing can be understood as simple as that of freezing food through equipment. It can greatly reduce the speed of food spoilage and chemical reaction. The freezing temperature is generally between minus 18°C u200bu200band 0°C.   After knowing the difference between freezing and refrigeration and their respective functions, you can customize the vending machine according to your needs. In the customization process, you also need to pay attention to whether the cooling function of the vending machine is overall foaming, which will also affect the cooling effect.   When selling food with vending machines, the cooling effect is very important. As people eat, damage and deterioration will have a great impact. More custom vending machines need to pay attention to, chat privately at any time!
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