It's 2021. Can vending machines still have money to make?

by:Haloo      2022-03-06
It's 2021. Can vending machines still have money to make? The editor here can tell you without a doubt that there is a market for vending machines, and the industry prospects are very good. Let me talk about how long the vending machine can be profitable. The speed of profitability has a great relationship with the location of the vending machine, the products it makes, and the subsequent operations. It is also possible that the equipment will be sold if it is not done well. Here are two examples of operators, both of which made money in a short time. Everyone can take a look together. One is promoted to tourist attractions. What is being promoted is the spring cargo vending machine that scans the QR code version. This type of equipment has relatively advantages in cost, and the efficiency of selling products is not low! The scenic spot has its uniqueness. You think that there are no tourists during the week, the equipment cannot sell products, and the sales are ugly. However, on weekends and holidays, the sales data will go up in one day. Selling other people's turnover for a month or even months. The editor chatted with the operators of these vending machines and saw their back-end data. Their equipment was profitable in two months. They even told me that this is just the tip of the iceberg. They have to work hard to adjust their products, Management methods, etc. They said that they believe that they can make more money by relying on vending machines! There is another example of going to the hospital to promote equipment. It uses a one-for-one vending machine, and one spring machine pulls one checkered cabinet. Mainly sell some daily department stores, because the outpatient department of the hospital has a large passenger flow and is full of rigid demands. When the editor chatted with the operator about the data, he told the editor that the best-selling device sold more than 4w a month For a dollar, the profit is more than 2w, and a piece of equipment makes the cost back in one month. The above are some of the things that are operating well, and some are not operating well. They can only sell for a few hundred or tens of dollars a month. Vending machines like that are the changes that the operating staff did not make. , It is possible that neither utility bills nor premises fees can be earned back home, and eventually only stop operations! If vending machines want to make money, they still have to do a lot of preparations. As well as the subsequent continuous improvement and changes in the course of operation, I believe it will definitely make money. For more, please continue to pay attention to the website or call
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