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Is the vending machine market saturated?

by:Haloo      2023-03-27
There is one vending machine for every 25 people in Japan, and one vending machine for every 30 people in the United States and Western Europe. In China, there are only more than 400,000 units in total, and the per capita share of vending machines is very low. With the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, the form of unmanned vending began to be recognized by community residents. Vending machines began to play a more important role and were favored by community residents. They began to sell fruits, vegetables, bean products, condiments, etc. A variety of commodities have been loved by community residents. At the end of the 20th century, vending machines were introduced into China, mainly imported from Japan and South Korea. After decades of conceptual innovation and technological breakthroughs, China has become a major exporter of vending machines. In 2017, China imported 624,600 vending machines, with an import value of 60.8 million US dollars. But another fact we have to admit is that in recent years, the overall price of vending machines in China has shown a downward trend, and the average price of industrial products has dropped from 21,500 yuan per unit in 2009 to 13,000 yuan per unit in 2017. In addition, the downstream buyers of domestic vending machines are operators and buyers, and operators are currently the main buyers of domestic vending machines. Advertising revenue has become a new revenue point for operators. In the future, operators are expected to obtain higher advertising revenue by launching vending machines on a large scale, taking advantage of economies of scale and arranging more terminals. At present, beverage giants are seizing high-quality resources and actively launching vending machines. It is reported that Wahaha has invested 2 billion yuan in three years to deploy 100,000 vending machine terminals. With the further development of new retail formats, operators will sell more commodities through vending machines to help community residents live. China's vending machine manufacturers have developed rapidly in recent years, and a variety of models are available, especially the fruit and vegetable vending machines of Zhixiaoxian, which can be sold in any extreme environment in China, and can be seen in Harbin in Northeast China and Sanya in Hainan Its figure, a new retail era has begun.
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