Is the category of vending machines gradually diversified?

by:Haloo      2021-07-23
Is the category of vending machines gradually diversified? The editor introduced us to the contents of the vending machine today, and if you like, you can share it with our editor! Nowadays, the rental cost and labor cost of convenience stores have generally risen. Therefore, vending machines with small labor costs and small floor space are becoming a hot spot of concern. The emergence of new equipment such as self-service juice machines, self-service coffee machines, and fresh vending machines has made this business more possible. As the urbanization process continues to advance, the population continues to concentrate, and the area of u200bu200bpublic space suitable for vending machines, such as office buildings and subway stations, is increasing. The upgrade of intelligent technology and the advent of the era of mobile payment are important driving factors for the rise of the vending machine industry. Beauty vending machines: With the rise of the vending machine industry, the emergence of lipstick grid machines has also extended the possibilities of this industry. At first, the lipstick vending machines were so popular without warning that the production quantity of lipstick grid machine manufacturers could not keep up for a time. Orders continued to flow, and orders had to be arranged in advance for all needed goods, and I was caught off guard. In 2018, Douyin's lipstick grid machine that suddenly became popular is deeply loved by major operators. The operators and lipstick brands jointly create lipsticks provided by the brands through games or direct purchases without being on duty. . It is more real and can guarantee the quality. Players can also get their favorite lipsticks for a small amount of money, and occasionally there will be limited lipsticks on the shelves. Once recognized by female players. Lucky box machine: In fact, whether it is a claw machine, lipstick machine or lucky box, they all have a common feature, that is, the gameplay is simple and the barrier to participation is low. For most consumers, uncertainty is a very attractive word, it means unlimited possibilities. Aside from the Internet and mobile payment, vending machines are actually a retail form that separates online and offline. This form of using vending machines, because this form is closer to the user, and the second is that it allows brands to use a small trial and error cost to contact consumers by means of automatic vending, which is better than they are offline. It is more economical to open a small stall. Automatic medicine vending machines: Internet medical treatment has developed rapidly in recent years. From online registration to online consultation, it has been recognized at the national level, and electronic prescriptions have also been recognized. With the full roll out of Internet medical services in the future, it will inevitably force changes in the way prescription drugs are sold. Among the many innovative methods in the pharmaceutical retail field, the automatic drug vending machine is undoubtedly the most economical one. In the field of over-the-counter drug sales, many places have made a lot of positive attempts. Adult vending machines: Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory is divided into five levels of needs. The lower the level, the more rigid the human needs. And the lowest level is the physiological needs, including the requirements of hunger, thirst, clothing, shelter, and sex. So, if you open a restaurant, as long as it has characteristics, reasonable prices, and affordable food, it will generally not be bad. Not to mention the demand for sex products, everyone knows it well. It is undeniable that adult products are indeed profitable. According to industry insiders, the profit of most products can reach more than 200%, and some can even reach 500% to 1000%, with an average of about 300%. The second screen interspersed in life and the big data layout advertising revenue behind it has become a new profit point for operators. In the future, operators are expected to use large-scale vending machines to use economies of scale and deploy more terminals to gain higher Of advertising revenue. Vending machines have a small footprint. Generally, one machine can hold about 300 products, but companies do not expect to make profits through vending machines. More fancy its brand promotion and advertising effects. Through online payment, companies can learn about product sales in the background, and the use of vending machines must be a new generation of consumers, which provides companies with data collection. Reliable source. The above is the information about the vending machine industry. If you want to know more about the vending machine industry, please click to enter our official website, and look forward to your information!
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