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Is not the same, the adult vending machine will be fully

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
With the rise of the vending machine, compared with the traditional vending machine market is a bit cold and cheerless, so the major manufacturers to targeting high-tech vending machine field, thus hope to seize more personalized consumers' heart ', here we introduce several high-tech vending machine. Adult vending machine standard single cabinet, paper money machine + COINS + + WeChat pays treasure payment ( Accept 1 - machine 100 yuan notes, and change $1 COINS and $10 notes) 。 GPRS wireless remote management background, can realize real-time management sales record in the computer and cell phone function with LCD LCD advertising support U disk video, image ads broadcast ( Optional) 。 Hd 7 inch touch screen; Can sell adult supplies all varieties, unlimited variety and size specifications, into the be clear at a glance, sales and stock, receive all notes, automatic cycle of change, and identify its authenticity and shipping automatically, without human unattended.
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