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by:Haloo      2020-11-13
Vending machine is a kind of brand-new commercial retail form, since the 1970 s, Japan and Europe and the United States. Vending function is divided into three types: drink vending machine, food vending machine, comprehensive vending machine. The vending machine is the common use of the commercial automation equipment, it is not restricted by time and place, can save manpower, convenient transactions; Also known as miniature supermarket open 24 hours a day. The vending machine industry is heading for the information and further realize the rationalization. Vending machine is a kind of brand-new commercial retail form, since the 1970 s, Japan and Europe and the United States. It is also known as miniature supermarket open 24 hours a day. In Japan, 70% of canned drinks are sold by vending machines. The world famous beverage maker Coca-Cola company in the world is 500000 drinks vending machine. All over the country in Japan, has a total of 5. 5 million vending machine ( According to statistics, 1998) , sales of 6. 89694887 trillion yen for the world. In the vending machine on display screen, enter the product number and purchase quantity, money and, after the goods will come out from the pickup mouth, even from food vending machine can also buy a warm noodles and rice. Although Japan vending machine always pounced just below the United States ( According to statistics for 6. 89 million, 1997) , but, from the point of population number is the highest in the world, has an average 35 people in the United States, and Japan to 23 people possess one. In the 17th century, Britain's small bar is equipped with the cigarette vending machines. In the vending machine history, Japan has developed a practical vending machines, that is in after entering this century. Japan's first vending machine is 1904 'stamps postcard vending machine, it is a selling stamps postcard and mailbox function as one of the machines. The real popularity of the vending machine is after the second world war. The '50 s,' type water fruit juice vending machine 'popularity, juice was injected in paper cups for sale. Later, due to the beverage of the big companies to enter the Japanese market, in 1962, appeared in the vending machine as the main body of the revolution in the field of circulation. In 1967, 100 yen currency under unit all COINS instead, thereby promoting the development of the vending machine industry. Automation is the development trend of the future, both manufacturing, services and retail. We will see more equipment to replace artificial. Under such a big trend, the bright future of the vending machine industry. Science and technology main business: adult supplies the vending machine ( Single cabinet, wall units) Drink video integrated vending machine ( See product display) All vending machines are now pay treasure and WeChat payment, the payment directly into personal accounts, convenient and safe. One-to-one after-sales, fault timely treatment, if necessary, the door handle.
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