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Investment at a loss no vending machines?

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
Investment at a loss no vending machines? Investment vending machine loss is determined according to a variety of factors, such as put the location of the traffic. Location good a vending machine sold thousands of cans of drinks in one year, more than ordinary small shops scattered sales. As a result of the vending machine is convenient and flexible service day and night, its performance is very convenient, in the bustling commercial street, subway station, and even appeared the phenomenon of queuing up to buy. Vending machine is almost no human costs money equipment, may be sold to sell products, also can choose different products according to place of business. All across the country, the vending machine business model is simple, is suit to put the vending machine. Lose not kui needs to see a vending machine, according to my company du data. In the community, school, factory location of the vending machine most are profitable. Plus a lot of machines have display screen, can be advertising to earn some profits. Point to choose the good, the goods for people selling basic won't lose. So you don't need to worry about. Operating the gross profit margin on the vending machine is relatively high, an average of 50% or more, is a veritable 'half profit, sell mineral water margin is as high as 100%, more purchase price 7 hair, sell a five. In general, a machine daily turnover in 150200 yuan between, a month is 4500 - 6000 yuan. Minus the purchase cost, and 2250 - Gross profit of 3000 yuan. Minus 500 yuan a month rent and electricity, net profit should be in 1700 yuan of above. Good point position, the owner may be 7 - according to the water 8%, the net profit is about 1400 yuan. If you are buying five machine, with a total investment of 10 - 120000 yuan. That, according to the low limit calculation, operation profit is 7000 yuan a month, a year is 84000 yuan. Can back to the next two years. If, in accordance with the high limit, a year more returned to this.
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