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Introduction to the function of beverage vending machine and its efficiency

by:Haloo      2022-01-20
In our daily life, beverage vending machines can be seen in many places, and it also brings a lot of convenience to our daily lives. But with the rise of the new retail model, companies have begun to pursue higher efficiency. What about the efficiency of beverage vending machines? Let's take a closer look at the function of the beverage vending machine and its effectiveness.  【The convenience that beverage vending machines bring to our lives】   First of all, the data monitoring and management of the vending machine cloud platform is very important. This is an important basis for the reasonable adjustment of the vending machine after the product is placed! How many products are sold by beverage vending machines, when they are sold, as well as consumer reviews and suggestions on products, all need to be obtained on the platform. Based on these data, operators can accurately position consumers' needs!   In terms of functions, vending machines can solve consumers' immediate needs, bring profits from commodity price differences, and obtain advertising revenue. However, if you want to get advertising revenue, you need to choose a location with high traffic. This is a prerequisite to ensure that there are enough consumers, so that consumers will notice the existence of advertising when they consume!   Now that there is active consumption in operating vending machines, what is the role of creating active consumption? Active consumption can make the vending machine no longer just a rigid machine, but also can stimulate consumers and make consumers think about buying goods. Then the vending machine needs to cooperate with the appearance, location and goods. First of all, it is necessary to accurately locate the needs of consumers, and to set off the atmosphere of the scene in terms of appearance, which is to provide consumption opportunities with suitable products, just like the current tenant vending machines!   vending machines have only ushered in an explosion in recent years. There are not many vending machines on the market, but this does not mean that the competitiveness of beverage vending machines is low. After the concept of new retail was put forward, vending machines ushered in development opportunities, and the development of snack vending machines will reach new heights! [Beverage vending machines have very high floor efficiency]    Today’s new retail model pursues lower investment and higher floor efficiency, and then forms a rapid chain scale to spread the market on a large scale. So what is floor efficiency? ?   In fact, the floor effect refers to the benefits created per unit area. It represents the unit contribution of the store's operating area! This is an important indicator of the operating status of the retail model, so to a certain extent, the ping effect represents the competitiveness of a store in the market!   So in today's unmanned retail, will beverage vending machines with a small footprint have a big advantage in terms of floor efficiency? We all know that under the general sales volume, the smaller the area operated, the higher the floor efficiency.  Large and in the case of the same business area, the more effective the sales will be! Now many vending machine factories are using the mini-convenience store model, redesigning the vending machine, and compressing the area of u200bu200bthe vending machine in an intelligent way! There is also that vending machines can collect data on the shopping habits and preferences of consumers in the delivery area through the use of big data and the Internet of Things, so that operators can select products that are just needed and frequently consumed for sale. ! In addition, due to the transformation of the vending machine cargo channel, smart vending machines are now selling more and more types of goods. In addition to common snacks and beverages, there are also high-priced goods such as wine, coffee, and fresh food. Therefore, beverages are automatically sold. The efficiency of vending machines will be higher and higher!
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