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Introduction to the characteristics of various types of automatic beverage vending machines and their operating precautions

by:Haloo      2022-02-26
With the advent of summer, we will feel hotter when we go out to play, but we feel annoyed because we can’t find the store. The emergence of automatic beverage vending machines has helped us solve this problem, so do you know about it? What do you want to know more about? The following is an introduction to 'Introduction to the characteristics of various types of automatic beverage vending machines and their operating precautions'. [Characteristics of different types of vending machines] In order to increase consumers' willingness to buy goods on vending machines, manufacturers from all over the country have thought of many ways. For example, in Japan, there are actually vending machines that specialize in hot drinks, eggs, and lobster. In Germany, as long as you are willing to pay, the vending machine can even spit out gold coins! Today, the editor will take everyone to take a look at the characteristic vending machines around the world. 1. The iPod vending machine has been the iPod vending machine since the iPod nano was sold on its behalf. You can find them in stores in the United States. 2. Gold coin vending machine This kind of vending machine in German shopping mall sells gold coins. There are also two gold coin vending machines in the United States, one in Boca Raton, Florida and the other in the Golden Nugget Hotel in Las Vegas. 3. Hot dog vending machine The idea of u200bu200bhot dog vending machine was first thought by Ukrainians, but now there are vending machines of this kind in Boston and New York. 4. Pizza vending machine Walking in the streets of Britain, you will find this kind of pizza vending machine. In less than three minutes, it can make a steaming pizza. 5. Novel vending machine If you are waiting for a flight at Gatwick Airport in London, you might as well buy this novel from this vending machine to pass the time. 6. The umbrella vending machine came out from the mall, but found that it was raining heavily outside? It doesn't matter, there are such umbrella vending machines intimately in shopping malls in Vancouver and Hong Kong. 7. Auto vending machine At a Chinese exhibition, such an auto vending machine appeared. The car company hopes that you will buy this Mercedes-Benz Smart by looking through the glass. 8. Egg vending machine The Japanese are especially commendable here. From eggs to lobsters to ties, it is indeed a variety of caring services for the people~ 9. Lobster vending machines want to eat lobster? There is a vending machine in this mall in Japan that sells fresh lobster. 10. Necktie vending machine This kind of necktie vending machine has long appeared in Japan and so on. I got my tie dirty during lunch, so I can easily buy a new tie and put it on. [Points to pay attention to in the operation of automatic beverage vending machines] The operation of automatic vending machines is a very systematic thing. It is necessary to pay attention to the following points: point selection, point selection is very important to the operation of vending machines. Ideal places are schools, hospitals and large factories, tourist attractions, bus stations, etc. The outdoor plaza with many people in the stadium is also very good. The effect of residential areas and commercial streets is not very good. Generally, places with a large number of people and relatively closed space and less competition are selected. Choosing the right machine must not be cheap. As a money-making tool, the quality and after-sales service of the vending machine are very important. In addition, special planes are required. For example, you can choose a special snake-shaped beverage vending machine for drinks, a spring/track vending machine or a multi-door lattice cabinet for selling beverages and snacks, and an automatic elevator for selling fragile goods. vending machine. It is necessary to choose the right products for sale. As an offline retail terminal, vending machines have a very limited coverage like the commissary. They digest the nearby markets. Only with a high repurchase rate can there be profits. Successful cases are sold. Daily fast-moving consumer goods such as snacks, beverages, foods, fruits and vegetables, and lunches and eggs can be eaten and consumed every day, and the market is very good. Of course, it doesn't mean that you can't make money by selling other products, but it is very difficult to lose money. Be good at using background analysis data. Today's vending machines are intelligently connected to the Internet. In addition to cash, they can also support mobile phone scan code payment, which is very convenient to use. In addition, you can constantly monitor the sales data and status of the vending machine through the wireless remote management background, and download data reports regularly for analysis, because products with large sales may not have high profits, and products with high profits may not have high sales. According to the data Allocate the quota reasonably in order to achieve the total profit. Participate in more activities on the official payment website, and often have rebates that can attract customers to shop more on the vending machine. Of course, you can also set your own activities during holidays. The above introduction about the 'Features of Different Types of Automatic Beverage Vending Machines' and 'Key Points to Pay Attention to in the Operation of Automatic Beverage Vending Machineshelp.
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