Into the era of hot food vending machine, don't know later!

by:Haloo      2021-02-03
Retail the reason for change is actually two, is the increased cost of offline store, continuously reduce profit margins and online traffic costs. Under these circumstances, some forward-looking investors look to the vending in this area. Traditional retail cost has been the cause of the high three, store costs, labor costs and circulation costs. Unmanned operation mode, covers an area of less, do not need artificial cost, selling throughout the day, can perfectly solve the problems existing in the traditional retail. So called never work s unmanned vending machines, to the tuyere. At present most of the vending machine at the station the station place of stream such as layout, passenger flow is mainly do the business, as the traffic was higher in these places, but in terms of the rent is relatively high, and need for location, already is the goal of large enterprises. So can only be looking for a new consumer scenario, the fixed group of also can do retail scene, and is ready to market the scene more than large flow. Fixed scene to the location of the main position such as community, schools, hospitals, and many place is can't see the figure of the vending machine, if any, are some of the more traditional coin vending machines, there are very few consumers to spend. Now some O2O convenience stores have been in the community or the layout of the office, using the door-to-door delivery or patterns on the vending machine, vending machine because the machine cost and laying cost is very low, for limited funding companies or small investors, is indeed a very good business!
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