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Interpretation of how to identify ZhenJiaBi vending machine

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
The modern meaning of the vending machine has been created for decades, have introduced into China for nearly twenty years, throughout is also work in recent years. Vending machine to carry out is still very fast, it was directly over the pay pay directly into the electronic pay s. Now China's main vending machine basically all code to support mobile phone pay and brush face, paid a friend asked the cash paid and store? Actually pay cash in certain places still is indispensable to a location, such as in primary and middle school students have mobile phones can only pay cash. COINS denominations and authenticity identification is a very complicated process, let let's heart. COINS in the vending machine to identify the module is a set of very accurate instrument, mainly by the circuit board of coin, the coin chute and classifier. When you put a coin in the vending machine coin after first passes through two groups of light sensors, which can measure the diameter of the coin intrusive. Light sensor consists of a LED light-emitting device and a light sensors. Green part on behalf of LED light-emitting diodes, it announced that the light will be light acceptance across the sensor. When a coin pass between when the light is blocked, sensor corresponding signal occurs.
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