Intelligent automatic vending machine can replace no shelf

by:Haloo      2020-11-16
Intelligent automatic vending machine can replace the empty shelves Bianlifeng announced in the transformation and upgrade to smart vending machines are still working to expand its market share. A common practice in the industry from other companies to buy shelf location, market price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. The reporter understands, the side force abundant currently has nearly 200 sales staff in Beijing. They are divided into 20 groups, population continues to expand. Whenever new locations, salespeople may obtain 300 yuan, 47. $7) The bonus. Every month for each person given the task of signing seven new position, those who failed to reach the target will be set free. As a bonus, the company has been registered intelligent automatic vending machine staff usually can enjoy purchase discount. Vending machines to the requirement of these want to register company, several BianLiFeng sales staff told reporters that now standard is more strict than before; Even the approval process. 'in some areas, can accommodate 30 people, these areas including international trade, king road, advanced business park, zhongguancun and other offices with a dense population. All the rest of the office can only be accepted in more than 50 people, or, 'sales staff told reporters that he shows them how to win the competition of the shelf location. When asked the reason for changing the business model and its cost, BianLiFeng didn't respond. Some side, however, li & fung sales staff told reporters that due to the damage rate is too high, must make the change. Feng announced in early march, the side force from unmanned shelves to upgrade to the intelligent automatic vending machine. The explanation is that intelligent automatic vending machine can effectively solve the problem of goods damage by 90%. In addition, due to the electricity and Internet connection, shelves operator can achieve real-time stock information for each of the shelves, so that more accurate and timely replenishment. It will also be able to provide higher prices but the short shelf life products, to meet the needs of users. Vending machine on April 4, Xingbianli told reporters: 'we also see some of the high degree of damage, we will use smart vending machine to replace the empty shelves, but we are still in the stage of testing. 'the BaoJunWei bluntly replied:' I think it has nothing to do with the device type. The core of the problem lies in their basic operating skills, including supply chain and logistics system Settings. 'he thought no one shelf has a capital-intensive business model, operation cost is high, the need to bear the cost of logistics and supply chain set, shelves of daily maintenance and inventory check. He says, investors mode for MissFresh more optimistic than Bianlifeng or Xingbianli, because MissFresh has its own warehouse and supply chain. Its competitive power is to reduce the cost. On March 21, the reporter in the edge of li & fung headquarters tried the new intelligent called 'small wind your vending machine. After scans the bar code on the door to take out the goods, goods information and the price of the checkout page will display in the mobile phone, and allow automatic settlement and payment. According to the report, the model USES RFID ( Radio frequency identification) Technology, at present all smart shelves use RFID technology, gravity sensor, visual identity, etc. However, no matter use what kind of technology, intelligent shelves are far from mature, can undertake large-scale modified. Smart shelves cost is high, the price from several thousand yuan to ten thousand yuan, $1588) Range.
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