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Intelligent automatic vending machine business model

by:Haloo      2020-11-16
'Internet of things' is the hot search words nearly two years, talking about the Internet of things, some people would first think of coke vending machines was introduced in 1990, its operating mode is similar to the vending machine and its modern interaction via a button machine, complete the vending machine and the communication between people, also have the function of the Internet the vending machine. Today the vending machine is more advanced, more comprehensive ability, therefore, have a variety of patterns to choose from. Now you mention 'the application of Internet of things, can be confident said, pointing to the roadside vending machine:' look, this is the application of Internet of things! This is is a microcosm of the Internet of things a lot of business model '. 1, logistics & rarr; Supply & rarr; Users imagine, in a city is decorated a lot of such intelligent automatic vending machine, you can at any time through the network terminal to check every street, every station user demand for retail food and beverage, this is a cool thing! In fact this is already happening. Located in logistics links through time records or to understand the flow of these items, precisely to monitor food and distribution, hence 'smart' vending machine. In addition, such a huge traffic and demand distribution information is a very high value, not only for my own use, convenient and provide to others, also can sell a good price. 2, at present a lot of things can be remote control AD merchants would do it, because almost all of the Internet information system will have a few pieces at a public display: metro, BRT, railway station, this is from the underlying architecture of value-added service, why not. In the smart vending machine has a screen, there is some of the above ads, these ads can be through the network for remote editing and timely adjust. Buy goods on the pay at the same time, the user can also play the reward on the screen after the game, you can even rewarded goods, this will market and dig deeper into the step of information: three with one screen at a time. 3, O2OO2O recently very fire, and also many doubts, regardless of the qr code and coupon is good, smart vending machine O2O anyway is good. The O2O here is through the vending machine buying online functions on the screen, can buy some goods providers, and then after a period of time the user can go to their designated vending machine with authentication code. The O2O most effectively avoid the problems, such as channel development costs, operating costs, etc. , because its O2O operation are some of the supply chain based on itself. 4, develop the advantage of network companies have tried to open the wifi function. Since these vending machines are connected to the Internet, so why not make a wifi hotspot? As a result, have to merchants cooperation with operators, hand, make money out of the mobile Internet. Small vending machine and not complex supply chain integration with so many model, there is quite a small movie big box office. Again to verify the '21st century, the competition between the enterprises is the business model of competition'.
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