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Intelligent automatic vending machine brand manufacturers and traditional vending machine manufacturers contrast what are the advantages?

by:Haloo      2021-01-21
Everyone knows vending machine is becoming more and more popular recently, have a special aisle beverage selling snake, vending machines, have the step response of the vending machine sell fresh vegetables, also has a grate lipstick machine and so on! This is, of course, only depending on the aisle to classify, actually also can according to the features of different vending machines can be divided into two types, one is the traditional vending machines, and is a kind of intelligent automatic vending machine! Here said the traditional vending machine is more than common before, intelligent accept COINS, not allowed to use mobile phones to sweep pay vending machine code, of course, also can't connected to the Internet, so the shortage situation of management of machine can only know to the scene, the management difficulty, the one at the same time management is not how many machines. Replenishment can fill blind, and many times to the scene found that does not need replenishment, white ran a visit, so efficiency is low, the cost is high! Now use the Internet of things intelligent vending machine is different, from the aspects of mode of payment, in addition to support the traditional cash payment, you can also use the mobile phone code to pay, credit card, etc. , and even appeared a face recognition mode of payment! And the emergence of the mode of payment, consumers buy goods more and more convenient, promoted the vending machine sales! Is more convenient in management, through the Internet intelligent management background, around after the vending machine sales data will be passed on to the stage, can at any time via account check vending machine sales data, managers can only need to take the corresponding goods replenishment, don't have to walk to success! Even if a manager can manage multiple devices at the same time, high efficiency is the artificial cost was reduced.
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