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Inseparable from its origin, detailed explanation of the use of vending machines

by:Haloo      2021-03-17
When learning about the use of vending machines, I learned that there are not only beverage vending machines, adult products vending machines, but also many new and new vending machines in the Chinese market, such as vending machines and fresh food automatics. Vending machines, box lunch vending machines, etc. Authoritative figures in the industry pointed out that all changes are inseparable. The methods of using these vending machines are similar. They are roughly divided into the following steps: Before using a vending machine, you must first have a brief understanding of its structure, such as sales status and paper currency The input port, coin input port, coin refund button, pick-up port, etc. Generally speaking, if the sales status displays 'SaleAfter choosing your favorite product and optimizing the price, you can put the banknote or coin into the corresponding entrance. If the banknote has wrinkles, dead ends, damage, etc., it is often not recognized and needs to be replaced. After putting in the corresponding amount of banknotes or coins, you can buy your favorite product. At this time, you only need to click the button under the favorite product. Of course, if the button under the favorite product shows 'Sold OutAfter the selection is made, you only need to take out the purchased goods from the pick-up port. If the money put in is more than the actual price of the goods, you must press the 'return button' so that the machine will be surplus I'll find you the money. With the popularization of electronic payment, the new generation of vending machines mainly uses electronic payment methods as the mainstream. You only need to click on the large smart screen of the vending machine to purchase the product, complete the payment through Alipay or WeChat, and then enter the corresponding pickup code to complete the transaction. . The deepening development of Internet+ has made people's lives a lot easier, and more and more people have realized the business opportunities hidden in vending machines. Faced with a dazzling array of vending machine brands, how to choose? To this end, the author conducted further investigations. Guangdong Province, the country's famous vending machine production area, has attracted the attention of many people with lofty ideals, and has also attracted the attention of many retailers. Among many manufacturers, vending machines are highly praised, not only because of their complete categories and selling beverages. Vending machines, integrated vending machines, food vending machines, adult products vending machines, vending machines, fresh vending machines and other products are also sold, and various vending machines can be customized and mass-produced for operators in different industries. , And the quality is guaranteed. It is reported that in order to ensure product quality to the utmost extent, every step from Ru0026D to production and debugging is unique; in order to ensure product performance, the refrigeration system is specially equipped with high-quality compressors, using fluorine-free refrigerants, which is green and environmentally friendly; in order to facilitate use, A variety of payment methods are also opened, such as Alipay, WeChat Pay, bank cards, banknotes, coins, payment codes, etc. As the owner of the vending machine, the operator can master the business dynamics of the vending machine in real time at home or in the office through the powerful cloud background management system, increase sales and reduce overhead. Whether the vending machine is used or owned, it is a good choice . At the moment when life is about to be flooded with vending machines, do you know how to use vending machines? If you want to open up a second career through a vending machine, it may be a good choice. The above article is provided by the vending machine manufacturer. Please mark the reprint. Previous: Which vending machine manufacturer is better?
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