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Infinite treasure box vending receive money account pay opening process face to face

by:Haloo      2020-11-20
Easy touch to pay treasure to research and development of science and technology of infinite treasure box series acclaimed since the advent of the vending machine, contact with infinite treasure box vending machine friends all know that this is a new generation of pure Internet intelligent vending machine, pure network management, by mobile phone or computer background can remote machine regulation, commodity pricing, inventory quantity, lighting, refrigeration switch can be remotely operated, real-time sales flow, sales report can check at any time, management is very convenient. Relatively infinite treasure box vending machine requirement for payment account is relatively low, the enterprise or individual pay treasure account is opened in person to pay after the real-time collection can bind vending machine system. Let's introduce pay treasure to pay for the opening of the process. Open the phone pay treasure to app, on the front page search 'ant gold clothing business platform. Selected the pop-up page of life, the 'ant gold clothing business platform. Pay close attention to life no choice in the top right corner of the 'open payment, select the' immediately signed the pop-up page according to the scope of the above his business licenses choose corresponding management category, submit shop door head, business license scan or pictures and contacts ( General is on the business license of legal person) Name, phone number and email. Waiting for audit, please pay attention to SMS or email notification, in general the results in one day. Years later, vending receive a paragraph alipay opened some changes have taken place in person to pay, such as cancel the letter of authorization this option, which means the business license certificate can only use my name, to borrow from their relatives and friends of the business license is no longer work. So, want to let your pay treasure account binding vending machine system for real-time collection, also have the business license (his name A company or individual) , after all, vending machine business also belong to personal business, or have the corresponding qualifications for industry and commerce is better. Note: dongguan easy touch as vending vendors would have multiple vending machine solution. Liverpoolfc. tv: service hotline: 4008655011
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