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Infinite treasure box vending machine does not support cash, is too limited

by:Haloo      2020-11-20
As a milestone in the vending machine industry models, infinite treasure box with excellent workmanship and humanized design, stable performance and easy operation way favored by the majority of operators and consumers love! But a friend said, infinite treasure box vending machine can sweep yards pay phone support, support for cash, isn't it too limited? Here I have to say about the audience for the vending machine and retail payment environment change in recent years, fewer and fewer people take a small change now, as long as you will use a smart phone, the old man child can basically mobile payment, not to mention the main force of 16 - FMCG consumption Young people around the age of 40. With mobile payment become basically everyone the necessary skills, market selling vegetables of the lady will be using a mobile phone code receiving payment. Compare the vending machine good put in the place of colleges and universities, hospitals, railway stations, factories and other places, for example, young people gathered or large stream of people, with cash instead of module is a kind of burden, to know a coin machine imports of paper costs 2000 yuan, the machine more than the cost is not a decimal. Paper COINS apparatus maintenance trouble, will waste a lot of energy in operation, reduce the overall operating efficiency. A special place, of course, some restrictions on mobile phones, for example, that can only return to the traditional pattern of coin, but the place is less, general place in infinite treasure box of mobile payment to vending machine completely will be enough. Note: infinite treasure box is touch the vending vendors would pay treasure and cooperative research and development of a new generation of Internet phones. Website: contact phone number: in this paper, the copyright shall belong to the easy touch the vending machine
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