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Increase students' interest in reading, turning vending machines into automatic book vending machines

by:Haloo      2021-03-17
The vending machines in a school in Buffalo, New York are full of books, and the school hopes to increase students’ interest in reading. Well, what seems to be wrong: lock the books in a glass cabinet and then ask people to pay to read them, hoping to arouse people's interest in reading? Fortunately, in this case it seems to really work. The novelty brought attraction, and the children ate the bait laid by the principal. Through a special 'gold coin' (like game currency), students can choose their favorite book, just like buying a drink on a vending machine, enter the corresponding number, and the machine spit out the corresponding product—here is Replace snacks with books. Yes, they can take it home for free. The best part? It is not a system based on behavior or attendance rewards. The mission of the school is to give every student the opportunity to use the vending machine at a certain moment. This idea was originally put forward by Assistant Principal Unseld Robinson, who was inspired by a similar policy at another school, who thought that allowing parents and students to focus on reading might be an interesting way of education. The author here recommends the lattice cabinet automatic book vending machine developed and produced by Guangdong Commercial Equipment Co., Ltd., which can borrow books by scanning the QR code, and comes with the book return function, which is convenient and fast. Now, after a year of fundraising activities, everything is ready. The machine is filled with books worth more than $1,000. Through various donations, books will continue to increase. Every month, a child will be randomly selected from students from kindergarten to fourth grade to receive a 'library tour' and a vending machine gold coin reward. Through the glass cabinet, the eager student looked at the book he wanted to read eagerly, and it was him who expected to be drawn. Children who get gold coins can buy books with coins and take them home to read repeatedly. From 'Goosebumps' to 'Pippi Longstocking' to 'Hidden FiguresOf course, the books will be labeled with reminders to ensure that they are suitable for the age of the child. Robinson pointed out that many children in Buffalo do not have much reading experience. Therefore, the idea of u200bu200bthe vending machine is to 'encourage reading in and out of school, and increase the overall excitement of each child about reading.' 'One of the biggest problems in our area that needs to be solved is literacy,' Buffalo School Board Member Sharon Belton-Cottman told WBFO News, 'If children can read, they can live in society.' I hope so. The above information is shared by the vending machine and reprinted, please mark the previous post: The growing popularity of mobile payment The intelligent development of vending machines
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