In the new consumer era, unmanned vending machines usher in new changes

by:Haloo      2022-01-26
Under the wave of new retail, unmanned new formats emerge in endlessly, and unmanned vending machines have captured countless consumers with features such as self-service shopping, instant enjoyment, and mobile payment. In the Internet age, unmanned vending machines have a high degree of acceptance among young consumer groups. Yunzhang Finance once interviewed Guangzhou Yunyin Information Technology Co., Ltd. and clearly expressed his optimism about unmanned vending machines. When answering a question about which form of unmanned business do you prefer, Guangzhou Yunyin Information Technology Co., Ltd. said: I will be more optimistic about unmanned cashiers and unmanned vending machines. The company said that unmanned cashiers solve the difficulty of recruiting cashiers for merchants on the one hand, and solve the problem of customer queuing on the other hand, greatly improving the efficiency of cashiers, thereby enhancing user experience, which is undoubtedly the future trend. The unmanned vending machine is a hot spot of passenger flow scattered around, and it truly occupies all the convenience you can imagine in the space. China’s unmanned vending machines have huge room for development. According to statistics, Japan has close to 5.5 million unmanned vending machines, and the number of unmanned vending machines in the United States is also around 5 million to 6 million. So far, China’s unmanned The number of vending machines is only more than 300,000 units. Wan Mingzhi said that if we follow the demographic structure and urbanization needs, I think it is not a dream to reach 10 million unmanned vending machines by 2025. Although unmanned vending machines have a history of more than 20 years in China, they have always been tepid and embarrassing. Nowadays, with the change of people's consumption habits, the prevalence of mobile payment, the improvement of people's shopping level, and the current consumption upgrade, the disadvantages of traditional unmanned vending machines are gradually showing that traditional unmanned vending machines have to understand the following four major pain points: sense of experience It is not high, cannot be selected, whether expired products and customers cannot interact; the failure rate is high, there are many mechanical parts, and they are prone to failure, which brings a series of problems for merchants and customers. There are many factors in the internal mechanical configuration, and the market price is probably in the range of 15,000 to 30,000, which is relatively high; the number of SKU categories is limited, the cargo channel is limited, and the category is limited. As a result, the intelligent unmanned vending machine represented by the self-selection counter of Guangzhou Yunyin Information Technology Co., Ltd. appeared. Xu Shoujun, founder of Anhui Hongji Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., said that the use of Hongji intelligent unmanned vending machines, fish scale shelves, high product recognition, this method can ensure the theoretical basis of recognition accuracy of more than 99.9%; local recognition, consumption The experience is high. Customers only need to take out the goods and close the door. The local computer calculates and recognizes the goods and sends the order back-end deduction. The cloud server only processes the order quantity and does not need to process the pictures. WeChat Pay’s recent report on the unmanned retail industry in the era of mobile payment shows that the coverage rate of first-tier cities is leading, the post-90s are the core consumer group for unmanned containers, and the post-95s have led the consumption trend of vending machines. For all age groups, the number of consumers of unmanned vending machines is second only to that of human convenience stores. Recommended reading: Unmanned vending machines have an overwhelming advantage over manual kiosks. What are the main aspects? In addition to the influx of various emerging startups, Internet e-commerce companies such as Ali and are also increasing their deployment in the field of unmanned sales. Tmall announced at the beginning of this year that in 2018, it will fully promote the transformation of new retail and create innovative products such as unmanned vending machines in various business districts; JD Daojia's smart container JD Daojia will now cover 10 countries across the country, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. There are more than 10,000 major cities with nearly 10,000 points.
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