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In 2021, let's take a look at the development trend of self-service vending machines and unmanned retail

by:Haloo      2022-03-05
When it comes to unmanned retail, what can you think of? Unmanned retail, to put it bluntly, is a retail method that does not require people to serve items. In the period when China's artificial intelligence technology and mobile payment technology are gradually improving, unmanned retail has evolved into three methods: unmanned shelves, unmanned convenience stores and unmanned vending machines. Among them, the unmanned shelves seem to have long been invisible from everyone's daily life. This also proves from one side that no one can handle the troubles of traditional retail. When the two basic aspects of retailing and freight logistics have not been qualitatively updated, unmanned shelves are more like a beautiful marketing method, floating on the surface of retail, and no new use value can be generated. For unmanned convenience stores, in fact, after unmanned shelves, the idea of u200bu200bunmanned can only be built in a relatively closed indoor space, that is, unmanned stores. Unmanned stores may be a kind of retail normalization in the future, but it is not easy to be now, let alone unmanned, let alone whether the unmanned technical experience solves the convenience of long queues to buy things, or considers The requirement to buy things 24 hours a day is only the most critical freight logistics and method problem for retail, and it is far inferior to chain convenience stores. What's more, a large number of new items of key operating income of chain convenience stores are derived from cooked vegetables with higher profit margins, and the market sales of beverages and other products are promoted based on cooked vegetables, and this is not a problem that no one can handle. Although the damage of unmanned convenience stores is not as terrible as unmanned shelves, it is also much higher than the traditional chain convenience stores of some people. Once they fail to find a suitable operation model, this may be a case of only smashing money, not making money. s project. It is very likely that everyone feels that self-service vending machines are not equivalent to unmanned retail. Since this iron box has been on the market for nearly a hundred years, as a member of the new retail, this is inevitably too old. Although the self-service vending machine is a bit older, it has been discovered that the self-service vending machine next to everyone has already been upgraded. Installing a mobile phone payment or some facial recognition has become a new retail method, smart Self-service vending machine. One of the important reasons why self-service vending machines has become a new retail is that unmanned retail is defined as not using people's service items, but also to deal with customer requirements. This is a perfect combination with the advantages of self-service vending machines. A self-service vending machine is not so much a retail device as it is an infrastructure construction, like a street lamp or a trash can on the street, it is a necessity for people's daily life. In the self-service vending machine, everyone can buy a variety of products, from the widest range of drinks to light meals, and even skin care products or tobacco. The types are very diverse, and many chain convenience stores will have a lot of them at the gates. A self-service vending machine is used to fill the consumption scene and make it convenient for consumers to purchase goods quickly. In 2021, when many supporting facilities and technologies are still incomplete, the real unmanned retail is to consider everyone’s requirements, not simply unmanned. If no one can handle convenient and fast requirements, then there is no Where is the actual meaning of people?
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