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I didn't know you is so of the vending machine, we have been cheated!

by:Haloo      2020-11-20
With the progress of science and technology, artificial intelligence technology of unmanned self-service equipment more and more appear in various places, such as the vending machine downstairs, self-service gas stations, self-laundry, self-help sing, no one ice cream vending machine, cigarette vending machine and the station automatic ticket machine, and so on. Although the media has been not self-support in propaganda service is the trend of the development of all walks of life, is the direction of future development, but a nice ideal reality is very skinny, actually, we no self-help equipment in the ordinary people eyes real side is like this. 。 。 。 。 。 Coffee the vending machine, still need the kind of unmanned ground self-service gas stations, also smoking, excluding bonuses this month there was no self-service washing machines, in fact the washboard is too big also is bad, the space is too small of self-help sing, play does not open, and such professional guitar accompaniment, value the vending ice cream machine, sister squeeze hard enough, poor sanitation is some documents according to automatic printer, photographic toning skin care to add a figure, though cunning is no burden, but also really hard little brother and the cigarette vending machine, the volume of that kind of, fresh, smoking a health station capacity is large, response is slow not sure, let's salute to the ticket machine inside the staff spring flowers, snacks, drinks, ice cream and other food again the hot season, in order to deal with no self-service equipment sales of increasing pressure, are currently seeking a variety of the vending machine and several unmanned self-service equipment attendant, responsible for the retail business of various commodities and other types of services. Educational background, responsive, willing to bear hardships and stand hard work, can withstand lonely, work 8 hours a day, three shifts, 24 hours a day holiday to work overtime, with generous compensation, specific treatment negotiable. Ba: April fool's day those trick department reported time: 00:00 - April 1 23:59 overdue don't wait, don't mention it. Note: easy touch technology I wish you all a happy April fool's day! Easy to touch the vending machine technology with a wide range of solutions, welcome consulting. Liverpoolfc. tv: service hotline: 4008655011
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